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  • Bayou Carto Tank SS- Matte

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Featuring a unique screw-on cap design and an innovative, easy side-refill system, the Bayou is a robust, minimal tank for 510d cartomizers and 510d-type rebuildable atomizers.

The Bayou has been designed in a function-oriented manner to solve the most common issues associated with conventional tanks:

Screw-on cap design: The Bayou will never just pop open no matter how you handle it.

Closed-end, food-grade PMMA acrylic glass container that keeps e-liquid fully sealed and isolated from both caps.

Close-to-bottom inner tank o-ring placement for maximum capacity and compatibility with pre-punched cartomizers and 510d-type RBAs with supply holes close to their base.

Refilling the tank is fast and easy using a 1.0-1.3mm needle-equipped container (supplied with the Bayou): Unscrew the cap, insert the needle sideways, refill, screw the cap back on, done!

High capacity for its size: Bayou 19 S (35mm) – 2.5ml, Bayou 19 L (45mm) – 4.0ml.

Extension ring for a flush connection when used with the Roller / Dingo and a Classic 510 connector. The extension ring increases the length of the tank by 1.0mm and can be also used with odd-sized cartomizers, or with any 510d-type atomizer, if you like its looks.

Simple air-flow control when used with the Roller or Dingo and a Classic 510 Connector.

Compatibility and flush connection even with bottom-lock-equipped cartomizers.

Bottom cap with air-flow channels: The Bayou will not choke your vape even when sitting flush on your mod.

Low-weight construction: 18g (SS-M, SS-P, SS-IM, BR-EM versions) or just 6g (Plexi Clear version).

With its 19.5mm external diameter, this compact version of the Bayou is a perfect match for the Guppy, our brand-new, 16340 uni-tube mini-mech. If you are a fan of small-diameter, lightweight gear, you might have just found the tank you’ve been looking for.


When topping-up the Bayou, always insert the needle sideways, between the cartomizer and tank walls, and point it slightly downwards. Note that this is only possible with a 1.0-1.3mm needle. A suitable needle-tipped bottle is supplied with every Bayou. When re-filling the tank like this (see video below), air is allowed to exit through the same hole while the tank is topped up, which prevents flooding and allows you to fill the tank in an upright position. If you use a filling tip that prevents air from exiting the tank, remember to hold the tank upside-down as you top up (not recommended).

The main container of the Bayou has a removable PMMA top-seal. Normally, you don’t need / shouldn’t remove it when using properly designed cartomizers or 510d-type RBAs. The PMMA seal does not need to be removed even when washing the tank. However, if you *must* remove it, do so by pushing it out *gently* from the inside of the tank. This can be done by inserting a cartomizer through the bottom (as usual) and using it to push out the PMMA seal. Do not pry it out from the top using nails / sharp objects!


Topping up the Bayou



Removing the Top Seal – the Right Way



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by js
on 3/10/2014
from Chicago
Very nice
Precision machining, tight seals, minimal design. Seamless fit with the Guppy, quite happy with this fit. 
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